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    Mini ITX motherboard (170mm x 170mm) of the M5 model with the reimplementation of a Commodore Amiga with the ECS/OCS chipset included in the A500, A600 and A3000. It uses as storage device an SD card and includes ROM Kickstart 1.3 OnChip with license, although you can also load a ROM of different version from the SD card.

    The firmware version of this motherboard includes a virtual MC68000 processor, just like the one originally used by the old Amiga implemented in a generic micro or FPGA that replaces the original chipset (Denise, Paula, etc). In this way M5 executes all the software in an exact way, keeping an excellent compatibility with the majority of the applications and existing games.

    The M5 model uses an external SD memory card as a fake hard disk and starts the system from it. You can also read ADF images (images from Amiga diskettes) that have been copied to the SD from any Windows, Linux, MACOS, or AmigaOS computer using the FAT32 file system. It has OSD menu on screen from which to make the configuration or to execute games and applications in ADF quickly and easily. Supports standard PS2 keyboards and mice (commonly used in PCs) as well as original Amiga mice and joysticks.

    Processor Virtual MC68000
    RAM 2 MB SRAM (configurable as Fast or Chip)
    FPGA Spartan3 - XC3S400 (400Kgate)
    Controller MicroChip PIC 18F8722


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