Nahrada za Oxypatcher / HSMathsLibs

Get the MuLib package, free of charge, from Aminet. The 68040 and 68060.library that are part of the package provide the "fpsp.resource", which provides direct access to the math emulation code without a trap. The mathieeedoubbas/singbas libraries from 3.1.4 already make use of this resource for math operations, and hence do not require a trap (hence, replace the "HS" libs, except that the system libraries are generic and also work in the absense of a FPU). From the MuLib package, use MuRedox. It is a more than able replacement for the Oxypatcher that, unlike the latter, knows the complete instruction set of the 68881/882 and includes a tiny "just in time compiler" to generate instruction the program needs. Hence, no operating system required, all available for you free of charge, from Aminet, including proper system integration into 3.1.4.